get FREE nutrition coaching and share your journey to UTA.

If you're entered into UTA in May 2024, would like free nutrition coaching and are prepared to share your journey in a unique podcast series, we'd love to hear from you. What's involved: - Six fortnightly one-on-one nutrition consults with Alan McCubbin, free of charge, in the 12 weeks leading up to UTA. - You'll work on different aspects of your nutrition each week in training, including: Understanding your sweat rate and fluid needs Undertaking gut training Trying different race food and fluid options Coming up with a race plan and trying it in training Putting together a plan for the day before the race. - The consults will be recorded (audio only), and parts of the conversation used to build a unique six episode podcast series, documenting your journey to UTA and the nutrition strategies implemented. - Any sensitive information (medical history, medications, etc.) will not be included in the podcast without your consent. To register your interest, please complete the details below:
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