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As well as Fueling Endurance and their university teaching and research, Alan & Steph both work one-on-one with athletes of all ages and competitve levels, from the first-time half marathon runner or triathlete all the way through to Olympic and professional athletes, and self-sufficient multi-stage ultramarathon runners.

alan McCubbin

Alan McCubbin

Alan works with a variety of athletes through his practice, Next Level Nutrition, and as a coach with Fuelin, a world-first platform that uses an iOS app to analyse your training plan and provide a recommended, periodised eating plan. Although Alan's background is in cycling, mountain bike and triathlon, he also works with a large number or road and trail runners, including for multi-stage self-sufficient events like Marathon des Sables.

Alan is an Accredited Sports Dietitian, lecturer and researcher in sport and exercise nutrition at Monash University in Melbourne, with 20 years’ experience working with endurance and ultra-endurance athletes, from complete beginners to professional and Olympic athletes. He has a PhD in endurance sports nutrition, a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics, and was awarded Fellowship of Sports Dietitians Australia for his contributions to the profession in education and research. Alan has consulted to several UCI Continental cycling teams, Triathlon Australia’s High-Performance Program for Olympic and Paralympic athletes, as well as countless individual professional and Olympic athletes. He was a regular contributor to the now-defunct CyclingTips website from 2011-2019, and wrote The Sufferfest official nutrition guide (now part of the Wahoo SYSTM family). A former multiple national champion in sailing, Alan has also competed in endurance mountain biking.

steph gaskell


Steph is currently taking a break from individual client work to focus on teaching, and of course, Fueling Endurance.

Steph is an Advanced Sports Dietitian, lecturer and researcher in sport and exercise nutrition at Monash University. Steph has a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours), International Olympic Committee (IOC) Diploma in Sports Nutrition and completed her PhD with a research focus on the impact of endurance exercise on gastrointestinal health, including prevention and management strategies of exercise-associated gastrointestinal symptoms (GIS). Steph has over 15 years' experience consulting to a variety of athletes, with a special interest in endurance and ultra-endurance sports, but also including adventure sport, swimming, team and motorsport, from recreational to Paralympians, Olympic and professional-level athletes. Steph has developed several sports nutrition resources including recipe books for athletes with gastrointestinal conditions, intolerances and who experience exercise-associated GIS. She has contributed as a co-author in clinical and university sports nutrition textbooks, written for sports magazines in sports nutrition and been an invited speaker at high performance sports institutes and national conferences. She has also competed at a national level in ultra-endurance trail running.